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Brandland is an advertising agency, Oops!… Sorry, It’s not an agency – It’s  actually your own marketing team who just operates outside your office. That’s why we call our team as “ your Marketing Partner ”. We help a simple business name to a strong Brand trough 360 – degree marketing campaigns through out the marketing channels. We help you in achieving business outcomes through marketing strategies based on deep analytics and customer journeys.
We have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes from the get-go, achieving the desired outcomes with regard to their business objectives. You can check out our extensive portfolio and ascertain our cutting-edge capabilities for yourself.
We have marketing services for every budget. We respect your budget & We plan accordingly. We are the most trustworthy advertising  agency when it comes to BTL marketing & our aim is to be the market leader when it comes to Brand activation. Every marketing plan is designed very well by our experts to give you maximum ROI from your marketing investment.
Brandland is one place where you can get key marketing services required for your brand , one place which offers you BTL, Media, Creative, Digital marketing & unique concept like “BrandMitra
We treat your brand like our own baby. We support when your brand is crawling, we support when your brand takes 1 st step, we support when your brand communicate, we support the growth of your Brand because we want to be the reason of your Marketing Smile


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Marketing Discussion & good Food keeps him happy. Client satisfaction has always been his first priority. An MBA Grad, Avid marketer ,Brand consultant, street smart sales guy, entrepreneur by profession & a part time writer. He likes to spend his leisure time by improving his singing ability from worst to bad, A friendly good humored person, a serious self acclaimed chef, Motivating young minds & loves to do guest lect


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An MBA grad with finance as passion who wants to keep learning extensively about finance. A typical finance person who loves numbers, managing the day-to-day accounts. When she is not working she loves to read, shopping & Loves travelling.