Marketing Under Budget of Rs 20,000 – BTL Marketing

What i always believe “ marketing is soul of any business “ . Soul never dies body does , there are many business is no more in the market but still we remember their services, brand & a strong presence in our mind. This article will focus on low budget marketing, yet effective .Every business […]

Marketing Fantasy -III – Brand of BABA’s

Are you bored of Indo Pak war discussion? Are you bored of crazy start up stories? Are you bored of your usual fantasy? Here I present you marketing fantasy. Digital revolution, start ups now a boring topic …whats your guess , whats going to be next ? Who is going to rule the Market? Cricketer […]

So you think you can WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is India’s favorite instant messaging app which many small & medium entrepreneurs use to keep their customers engaged is now will be used by industry giants. Brian Acton and Jan Koum, with little more than 30 employees and no outside investments, are making millions of dollars annually. Their text messaging app, “WhatsApp” (the top […]

What’s your Marketing fantasy ?

I was wondering actually all these days what could be my next article. Last weekend I had an opportunity to interact with young MBA mind of “MARC “college. As a guest lecture my topic was to talk about on healthcare marketing. The discussion went on to healthcare marketing evolution, 20 / 30 years back nobody […]

Stage of Startup

The entrepreneurial journey-Entrepreneurs are the mythic heroes of our economy. We relish retelling the stories of superstar entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Biz Stone, and Debbi Fields. But are they typical? Most new businesses stay small and don’t change the world (at least, not all by themselves).In a word, new business founders are looking for […]