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BTL or ATL ADVERTISING? Brandland knows it all.

First coined in 1954 after Proctor and Gamble separated their marketing strategies between- broad in nature marketing & direct in nature marketing, ATL and BTL marketing sets the line between different approaches towards marketing on the basis of marketing motives, target groups etc. Today, these frequently occurring trading terms have come to define the reality of marketing within many organizations.

ATL, short for Above-the-line marketing, is the widespread untargeted traditional way of brand-building advertising which has a very broad and extensive reach. ATL marketing focuses more on building the brand image. The main objective of using ATL promotional techniques is to increase the cognizance of customers about the product offerings and to encourage sales in the mass market. This objective could be achieved with the help of the internet (digital marketing), print media (magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, hoardings etc), television, billboards, outdoor advertising etc.

Whereas BTL or Below-the-line marketing is the highly targeted marketing which directly focuses on conversions rather than building the brand. BTL strategies include different activities, such as sales promotion (brand interaction), direct mail & SMS marketing, public relations, in-store marketing (gift vouchers), telemarketing, real estate marketing and social media marketing and sponsorships (trade shows, exhibitions such as auto expo shows etc).

To simply understand both the approaches, let’s take a simple example of a newly developed product. There can be two approaches towards the marketing of the merchandise: either the product could be promoted in all the market (ATL marketing) or the product promotion could focus mainly on a selected group of consumers which is affected by it directly (BTL marketing).

Unfortunately, the divide between ATL and BTL tactics is doing an incredible disservice to several of today’s leading brands, both in terms of forging deeper relationships with consumers and driving bottom-line impact.Hence it is always about choosing the right approach. 

Let’s take another example of an archery competition. If you want to hit the target, you, like a lunatic, either waste your arrows in the hope that one might hit the target in times to come. Or instead of wasting the arrows, you act like the smart brains at Brandland, analyse, strategize, and point at the target then BOOM, Shoot! Who hit the bull’s eye? Brandland!

We at Brandland, focus on BTL marketing to make your product services reach the right audience in the most cost-efficient manner by the target-centric policies that are simply just awesome! 

In other words, Brandland makes sustained efforts in the right direction because we simply are the best at what we do!

Why BRANDLAND opts for BTL activation over ATL marketing?

Both the marketing strategies have their own. But BTL activation surpasses ATL in a lot of ways. 


We at Brandland consciously know the importance of gaining a customer’s attention and then retaining it, in the long run, which is essential for a business to grow and flourish. We are known around the country specifically for our EMOTIONAL APPROACH towards our customers as we know building healthy customer relationships is the foundation for a company to excel and the best way to reach it is through attachments. To achieve this, we switch to BTL marketing because:

  • Makes Your Brand Stand Out: Where, ATL marketing approach might have a wider reach and results in more audience connect, BTL marketing provides a better ROI (return of investment) and MROI (marketing return of investment) as focused targeting of the audience results in better controlled and tracked reach, and easily customised marketing campaigns best suitable for niche target markets.
  • More communicative: ATL marketing has one-way communication, and BTL marketing has two!
  • Budget-friendly: When it comes to investments required in marketing the product, ATL marketing is most costly compared to BTL marketing. Brandland excels at doing customer-centric promotions at an affordable cost, best suited for small and medium-sized businesses. Brandland doesn’t run after money, we strive for excellence for everyone. We are the idea-bearers of VOCAL FOR DIGITAL.
  • Reaching your target audience: Now ATL approach has its own perks, but imagine… knowing the outcome of your reach if you just kept promoting the product to the mass audience?  It is just not easy and requires laborious efforts! But due to focused targeting, BTL marketing outcomes can be measured effortlessly.

Remember as a kid, how we were sure that no matter what difficulty you face or what future holds for you, you will always have your parents, your guiding light beside you, to lead you and stand beside you at the same time? 

Everyone needs strong support and right guidance to keep them going and flourish. You already got a lot on your plate and need an extra set of shoulders to rely on to gain what’s best for you and your company.

We, at Brandland, aspire to become someone you trust. We long to become your constant. Not someone you trust blindly, but someone you know from the experience that we are going to stick around for the longest run. And for that experience, for you to hold onto, we just want one chance to prove ourselves.

Trust somebody or trust them not, based on at least one experience. Let the impression of experience do the talking of ‘worth’. Since we offer pocket-friendly marketing strategies with tremendous results, trying Brandland is your easiest and best way to step into the marketing business and prove your mettle.