One of the key part of marketing promotion though it has never got respected the way it is supposed to be. Sarcastically to be said  –   “ Karte he sab par bolte koi nai (every brand does it but no one says it ) “ is inspired by very famous dialogue of a Hindi film. We say it proudly that we been the most trusted agency when it comes to below the line advertising.

As a marketer we usually call events as Brand activation & Brandland is well known as No.1 Brand activation company after completing more than 1300 brand activation in just 2 years & generating more than millions of leads. We categorize the marketing channel in 3 platforms of promotion IT parks, Residential apartments & Malls.

BTL Agency in Bangalore

IT Park

If your Target customer is IT professionals then you can’t miss out IT park activation for your Brand.Tech Park activation in Bengaluru . Brand Promotion in IT PARK in Bengaluru. Corporate events in Bengaluru. Best BTL agency in India.Best marketing and Advertising agency in India.

IT Park Branding

Various Branding options are available at High rise IT parks in city, Elevator branding, Food court branding, common area Display Board, Pillar branding, Tri cycle Banding, Road Median, Digital Board & Standee branding

IT Park Activation

Displaying Your Brand kiosk at common area, lobby or food court area so that we can grab maximum eye balls for your brand. we take care of complete execution from space allocation, promoter, supervisor, kiosk set up to lead generation activity. More than 20 brands have trusted us when it comes to IT park activation & we are pioneer in IT park activation in the country

Residential Apartment

A family group as target customer to many of FMCG, banking & Start-ups Majority of population who lives in city belongs to any of the big residential complex.Apartment activation in Bengaluru .RWA Activation in Bengaluru. Advertising in apartments in Bengaluru. Best BTL agency in India.Best marketing and Advertising agency in India.


Usually Branding in apartment is Banners which we install at entrance as well as club house so that no one miss your brand message. Poster’s A4 at every notice board of apartment, the no of notice board varies based on apartment size, flyers at every mail box of apartment. Apartment branding doesn’t cost you high as compared to other branding option & make you reach to your target audience.


On a weekend we deliver your brand communication to your target audience living in residential societies. Usually Marketing set up a foldable kiosk with our team representing your brand, we make sure we do pre-promotion on weekdays before the activation which makes aware audience about your brand before the activation. A creative, engaging & professional brand campaign get you the best leads on same day as well as brand engagement with your target audience.


Advertising in Mall and Multiplex in Bangalore, Branding and Promotion in Mall in Bangalore, Best BTL agency in India, Best Promotions and Events in India.


There are various Branding opportunity in mall which can be decided based on brand objective & marketing budget. Some of the key branding options are façade branding, lift branding, escalator branding, food court branding, backlit board, pole kiosk.


Next time you visit a mall, say hi to someone who is promoting a brand inside a well fabricated stall probably that must be Brandland team working hard to generate leads & making sure a great ROI for clients. Concept, design, production as well as a perfect execution all in one brandland team is the best advertising agency.


Other BTL Activation

Paper Insert

A very basic traditional marketing which makes your brand reach every house door through various print publication. A typical early morning job – our team wakes up on behalf of your brand as a true marketing partner to you & execute the paper insertion through our trusted vendor. We make sure your print material doesn’t go to waste, we execute the work with full integrity.

Look Walker

A very innovative traditional marketing which is also called as “human branding “. usually it has been used in store launch or promotion. Carrying The brand communication literally on shoulder & Making them reach to target audience. Our look walkers are very well trained , professional as well good communicator .

Other BTL Activation

Mall Activity

Brandland’s Mall Activity service is a dynamic and immersive approach to engage consumers within the vibrant ambiance of shopping malls. Recognizing malls as central hubs of consumer activity, Brandland strategically designs and executes activities that captivate diverse audiences.Through innovative displays, interactive experiences, and engaging promotions, Brandland transforms the mall space into an interactive brand haven. This service transcends conventional advertising, providing brands with a unique opportunity to establish a personal connection with potential customers.

Kiosk Activity

Brandland’s Kiosk Activity service is a strategic and interactive approach aimed at creating impactful brand experiences in high-traffic areas. With a keen focus on engaging the target audience directly, Brandland designs kiosk activities that go beyond traditional marketing methods. These kiosks serve as dynamic hubs, offering a unique opportunity for brands to showcase products, provide demonstrations, and interact with potential customers in a personalized manner.Kiosk activity performed at Malls,It Parks ,appartments and other places also.