When it comes to media, trust us for expert consulting & timely execution of your campaign at the best possible cost.
Based on your Marketing objective we shortlist the channel for you, Media release with us is as easy as it sounds. We are the Best creative ad agency in Bangalore. Best BTL agency in India, Best Promotions and Events in India


Get your Jingle done Free from BrandLand .Jingle Ad , Sponsorship tag, Rj Mention, Radio contest,Studio Shift & road Blocks are popular way of advertising in Radio channels


Media options available for advertising in TV are video ads, scrollers, aston bands,
teleshopping and L Bands


We provide the best and lowest advertising rate for Newspaper advertising to our clients., we assure the best discounts when placing an ad in Newspaper through BrandLand & we also design your print Ad

Airport Branding

Advertising options at the airports are billboards, branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising and many others.


Make use of CITY traffic by making your ad visible with Transit Media where there are plenty of options such as Bus Branding, Auto Advertising, Display canter, Cab Branding & metro Branding.


Your Brand visibility can’t be missed out when it comes to outdoor media ,popular outdoor media are Bus shelter , Traffic umbrellas, Road Medians, Hoardings ,Metro pillar branding ,Look walker , tricyle Branding mall Branding

Digital Board

Brandland’s Digital Board Advertising service is a cutting-edge and impactful solution designed to revolutionize brand communication in the digital age. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Brandland strategically employs digital boards to showcase dynamic and visually compelling brand messages in key locations.Through vibrant displays and engaging content, Digital Board Advertising provides brands with a versatile platform to captivate audiences in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, and commercial complexes.

Automobile Launch

Brandland’s Automobile Launch service is a culmination of strategic planning, creative execution, and an unwavering commitment to creating memorable experiences in the automotive industry. Recognizing the significance of launching a new automobile model, Brandland orchestrates events that go beyond the conventional, turning them into impactful moments in the brand’s journey.From concept development to the grand unveiling, Brandland ensures that every aspect of the Automobile Launch is meticulously curated.

School and College Activation

Brandland specializes in creating unique and compelling branding solutions for schools and colleges, fostering a vibrant identity that resonates with students, staff, and stakeholders alike. Our innovative approach blends modern design elements with the rich history and values of educational institutions, ensuring a cohesive and memorable brand presence. From crafting distinctive logos and visual assets to developing comprehensive brand guidelines, we strive to capture the essence of each institution, creating a brand that not only reflects its educational mission but also inspires a sense of pride and unity