What’s your Marketing fantasy ?

I was wondering actually all these days what could be my next article. Last weekend I had an opportunity to interact with young MBA mind of “MARC “college. As a guest lecture my topic was to talk about on healthcare marketing. The discussion went on to healthcare marketing evolution, 20 / 30 years back nobody would have thought there would be a typical corporate office for Hospitals & sales guys who will bring revenue to hospitals, may be same for education sector .One question by a student made me think about marketing fantasy – “which sector is going to be a business model in future?

Folks …..Any guesses? Well you have your own thought I would love to hear new ideas. Let’s discuss that out here.

My mind goes to one sector which I can call it as marketing fantasy of mine that is Religious institute. you won’t be surprise to see one sales guy knocking at your door step & explaining about the infrastructure , how good man power they have , how well they perform puja & obviously how many people have get benefited by visiting religious place or donating some cash / gold. Imagine Ad campaign going on around that, imagine outdoor promotion of it, imagine e-commerce building upon it and imagine home delivery of blessings / Prasad etc. May be sounds funny, crazy but you never know it can happen soon. Though it already started at certain level of it but as of now not like a corporate firm.

That would be good news for marketing guys as we will have one new industry to hire us. We will be having campus visit from different religious institute.

I am sure you already have started imagining all this .Imagine what would be dress code for same , I am sure that’s going to be strict as that’s the only thing will differentiate from one religion to another.

So what’s your Marketing Fantasy? Lets have some interesting discussion

Please do share….

Note – My article is not meant to hurt any individual or group’s sentiment.


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