So you think you can whatsapp?

India’s favorite instant messaging app which many small & medium entrepreneur’s use to keep their customer engaged is now will be use by industry giants.

Brian Acton and Jan Koum, with little more than 30 employees and no outside investments, are making millions of dollars annually. Their text messaging app, “WhatsApp” (top most popular app in the world) has become the coolest thing for younger generation

About 19 billion messages were exchanged every day over these OTT ( over the top)apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM, WeChat etc. in 2012 compared to 17.6 billion texts that were shared per day and these numbers are expected to grow to 50 billion and 21 billion respectively by end 2013. The signs are imminent – with smartphone penetration growing exponentially,

This will be a good strategy for CASH RICH – TIME – POOR people

Let’s throw some light on SWOT of whatsapp marketing

Strength – Conversion rate in case of customers using whatsapp is high as 80 %

Weakness – messages can be sent only after seeking permission from the clients else it can be backfire.( by prem deewan retail head of Italian menswear brand corneliani )

Opportunity – whatsapp is being used by brands to both generate leads as well as manage customer service . (by apeksha harihar editor of social samosa )

India’s one of the fastest growing markets for instant messaging app.600 million users 65 millions are from india.

Threat – someone could take it up to legal if messaging happens without the consent of customer.

How to use whatsapp as a marketing tool


Whatsapp no. shall be circulated through various activities & mediums .Offers, services, special schemes can be introduced to end user via whatsapp.

Eg Sony DADC uses 3 group to promote the offer first cum first service basis

Customer Engagement

The customer database can be form in different groups & appropriate message will be loaded to keep the customer engaged with the brands.

Eg – KEM hospital used whatsapp to read ECG scanning to save heart patient.


we also can use whatsapp for Internal & external survey .Organizing surveys for can help you improve your products or services. These surveys can be conducted through WhatsApp. You can get direct feedback from your customers which will improve transparency. Group discussions with customers, employees, suppliers or target audience can happen real-time on WhatsApp. A lot of suggestions and feedback are generated through such activities.

Eg FM channels uses Whatsapp to promote campaign, introduce new offer, feedback about the show / about any social issue & make more of conversation with end consumer

Team Building

Your departments can create their own WhatsApp group for better communication. Task updates, new work, meeting timings, work deadline can be discussed on this particular group. From a manager to an employee, everyone can easily communicate through the app. Team building activities, thoughts, new ideas or problems can be shared by your employees. It helps your company grow.

Eg- Davita( Global Leaders in kidney care) India uses whatsapp for team building, motivation.

Open for discussion , kindly share some examples/thoughts specific to whatsapp marketing strategy.

By A Passionate Marketer – kartik sahoo

Source – google,brainpluse,nextbigwhat



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