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Get Ready for New Normal – 10 Tips for Work from Home

Work from home is one of the biggest changes the world has ever witnessed. 94% of people have accepted and starting to embrace this new way of life which is work from home. The Covid pandemic changed everything overnight, the lockdown was enforced, social distancing became a mandatory rule to be followed by everyone. The Covid growth rate just keeps on rising, the world has reached over 300 million cases and India meanwhile has reached 4.7 million cases adding up to around 60,000 cases per day. There is no cure for the virus, all we can do is avoid it by social distancing and keeping our immunity strong. Corporations and authorize around the world have no other option than providing flexible working conditions which is work from home. 

1) Set a schedule: set a schedule and stick to it most of the time. Having clear guidelines for when to work and when to call it a day helps many remote workers maintain a work-life balance.1) Set a schedule: set a schedule and stick to it most of the time. Having clear guidelines for when to work and when to call it a day helps many remote workers maintain a work-life balance.

2) Get dressed: it might seem like a simple tip, but it’s a crucial one. You don’t need to dress as formally as you might for work, but the simple act of changing clothes serves as a signal that’s it’s time to wake up and get things done.

3) Designate a workspace and keep it clean: if you’re used to going into an office each day, the separation between work and home is physical, and you want to try to recreate that as much as possible with a designated physical workspace at home. It’s very important to make sure that the workspace is clean and tidy.

4. Comfort – probably the most important part of working life is where you seat & whats your posture, make sure you buy a comfortable chair, table & keep the system 1.5 feet away from your eyes. Comfortable seating posture can actually make you work longer without back pain.

5. Be Discipline – No matter where do you working from discipline is part of our professional life, make your daily working schedule, possibly print it & kept it just in front of your eyes & make sure you follow the routine as you planned.

6. Colleague: If you are on a call & your kids banged the door uninvited don’t shy away to introduce to your client, when you don’t have literally colleague make sure you include your family in the colleague circle when you take a break hang out with them play with your kids which ultimately can boost your productivity.

7. No Overtime –  When you working from home you may not care sometime the weekend or your regular log out time, if your boss is someone make you work overtime make sure you deny politely provided you get extra bonus for same.

8. Exercise –  When you close down yourself in a 10 x 10 space for 7 to 8 hours you might feel exhausted you might feel tired than usual day tiredness, that’s why most important that you make time for work out it can be 10 min cardio, short walk, 30 push-ups, 20 squat or whatever you love to do – once you sweat your stress level has to come down.

9. Stay Calm – Working for long from home & keeping a distance from social life may cause sometimes the irritation, the best way to get rid of it “stay calm ” – a 5 to 10 min meditation can work wonders as well as open your windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air.

10. Stay Positive – Well, though the situation not going in favor of normal life for many this time shall pass too there will be a brighter side soon & hopefully, normal life will back soon.

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