End of Covid 19 Era? Russian vaccine


At present Covid-19 is spreading like a wildfire and creating depredation all around the world. The infection count is rapidly increasing worldwide and most of the countries are struggling to keep the virus in check and prevent their healthcare services from being clogged. The Covid-19 pandemic manifested signs that no one is safe until everyone is safe. Many countries across the world are battling against time to come up with a vaccine. India too has begun human trials

Russia’s vaccine

The Sechenov University of Russia announced that it is close to developing an effective vaccine that will immunize people from COVID-19. So far Russia has conducted 2 two phases of human trials. The 1st phase which started on 18th June to 15th July 2020 was a trial to test volunteers to ensure the safety and tolerability of the vaccine. The 2nd phase started on 13th July, in this, the batch of volunteers are being tested to confirm the efficiency and immunogenicity of the new vaccine. On 11th August 2020, Russia’s health ministry has given regulatory approval for the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute, after less than two months of human testing.

Current Situation of Corona Vaccination

The vaccine is currently in its final stage (third stage) of testing. Once registered, the Mass production of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine is expected to begin in October. Russia’s junior health minister said that medical professionals and senior citizens will be the first to get vaccinated.

Demand and supply of the vaccine

The Indian drugmaker will have exclusive rights for the vaccine in India during the term of the deal and non-exclusive rights during the “Pandemic Period” in all countries other than those designated by the World Bank as upper-middle or high-income countries.

How does it work?

The COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by Gamaleya Research Institute and Russian Defence Ministry is a viral vector vaccine that is based on human adenovirus fused  with SARS CoV-2’s spike protein to stimulate an immune response in the body

When will Russia’s Covid 19 vaccine arrive in India? At what price will it be sold?

This is probably the biggest question in everyone’s mind that when will the vaccine arrive in India? Well, the answer is very simple. It all depends on the emergency approval, if SII approves the vaccine then the doses will be available in the market by December and if they don’t approve it then the vaccine has to undergo clinical trial in India. Yet another important question in everyone’s mind is that at what price will the vaccine be sold? Well to be honest there are a lot of rumors on the Internet regarding the price of the vaccine. As per few sources they say that the Oxford vaccine will be priced at rs.225 but as per the deal with bill gates foundation SII will make 100cr vaccines for 92 countries and that will be sold under 225. But as per Mr. Adar Poonawala, the price will be under 1000rs. So, It’s important to know that so far there is no accurate price of the vaccine but we can expect the accurate price somewhere around December.

India’s progress on Covid 19 vaccination

Unlike Russia, India is still focusing more on the trials nothing has yet is been finalized. SII which is based in Pune is manufacturing vaccines in India. SII will supply vaccines to 92 countries.

By end of this year, things can go back to normal if the whole process works accordingly without any errors.

Marketing Aspect

>Pharma Distributors are eagerly waiting for a good day finally it’s absolutely good news for them.

> Not Just the healthcare industry it’s going to be sanjeevani for the commoners though the efficiency of the same still needs to be tested with time.

>Industry which deals with event/expo/exhibition/entertainment where gathering crowd is a key aspect, Probably the time has come for them to celebrate.

> Brandland Advertising which is the No.1 Brand activation company in India, the team is going to celebrate finally as they can resume full-fledged activation work if vaccination works.

> Not just Brandland many other activation agencies are waiting for the corona fight to end & they can resume the work as earlier

> During the covid time event industry has tried many other creative channels to conduct events like Virtuallexpo.com Though the demand for the virtual platform going to stay but Traditional marketing will take lead once again.

>Medtech companies / Delivery app business will definitely increase by another 20-30 %

At the end let vaccine comes out to market soon & let all human breathe without mask-like before.



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