The apartnent lift lobbies showing digital screen branding

Apartment Digital Screen Branding

Do you have a dream of acquiring more customers for your Brand?. Who doesn’t?. But, if you follow the traditional advertising method for your brand awareness you may not achieve your goal easily. Here is an amazing solution for you. i.e  Apartment Digital Screen Branding.


In this blog we will discuss what is Apartment Digital Screen Branding, how it works for you, what is the cost and why you should opt for it.


What is Apartment digital screen branding?


Apartment Digital Screen Branding is essentially a type of  advertisement by using HD screens in apartment lift lobbies. It is the most effective advertising place for targeting high income group segments. This influences the audiences to discuss among themselves about your brand. As a result, increase of your brand sales.


How does it work?


In Metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi you will see a lot of Apartments. It means you have the potential to reach out to relevant customers. 


Apartment residents are the compound of high income customers. Hence, targeting relevant customers at the right time and right place is easy. The residents of the Apartments definitely use the lifts at least twice a day. By watching your brand ads in the digital screen takes them virtually to your brands, that will ensure constant connection with your brand.


How much does it cost?


The cost of Apartment Digital Screen Branding depends on the Advertising agencies.  If you are looking for the most cost effective advertisements at your budget you can go for Brandland. The cost of Apartment Digital Marketing in Brandland are shown below.


1. Bangalore – Each Ad spot 10 sec , 900 spots per day – cost Rs.2700/ Month / Screen 


2. Chennai – Each Ad spot 10 sec , 450 spots per day -Cost Rs. 2000 / month / screen


3. Delhi – Each Ad spot 10 sec , 900 spots per day – Cost Rs.3000 / month / screen


4. Hyderabad – Each Ad spot 10 sec , 900 spots per day – Cost Rs. 2800 / month / screen


Contact Brandland for Digital screen advertising in apartment lift lobbies. We provide the best and most effective Digital screen ads in apartment lifts in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.


Why should a brand opt for apartment branding?


Apartment lift lobbies are the best places for advertisements as it gives an opportunity to grab the attention of a large group of audiences. Also, you have the following benefits.


1. Targeting High Income group segment

2. Cloud Controlled- The screens are cloud managed and the campaign can be uploaded in a few mins.

3. Better visibility of your ads in HD screens.

4. The screens are video capable.

5. Utilising the audience waiting time to showcase your Brand awareness ads.

6. Achieve Brand goal with repeated brand communication.

7. Reach the right audience most importantly in a cost effective way.

8. Go beyond the traditional method .

9. Better ROI 






In order to increase your Business sales is it very important to target relevant customers at the right time and at the right place. Apartment Digital Screen Branding is most effective to achieve your Business/brand goals as the apartments are residencies of high income group segments. Hence,  by watching your ads repeatedly increases the chances of winning more customers as there will be low distance between screen and audience. And, they discuss your Brand in the communities and increase the chances of your Brand sales.