When target audience is almost same for many brands then why to promote separately. Brandland does the job for you. We promote various brands from various industry at one specific marketing channel on a specific day.Advertising in Mall and Multiplex in Bangalore, Branding and Promotion in Mall in Bangalore, Best BTL agency in India, Best Promotions and Events in India.


Brand Expo

Probably we are the 1st agency who started this amazing concept at various BIG IT Park of India, we have been doing 3/4 Brand Expo every month from last 3 year successfully & generating millions of leads. Get in touch with us to know our upcoming Brand expo’s.

Property Expo

Brandland is known for its very creative property expo, we have served more than top 30 real estate brands. Brandland is the favourite agency of real estate brand when it comes to project launch, supporting in project sales & Brand promotion at best affordable marketing budget. Best real estate marketing agency is what we call our Brandland, successfully we have done 12 property show so far & counting.


A concept we started keeping healthcare awareness in mind, our star marathon campaign “walk to smack diabetes “is an established franchise of our event segment. We have helped brand to conduct marathon based on their ideas & budget as well as we have implemented concept inhouse. More than 2k walk ins were generated through our marathon & an initiative to aware society on health issues.

Car Display and Bike Display in IT Park

Brandland's Car Display and Bike Display services within IT parks are designed to create a captivating and immersive experience for technology professionals and enthusiasts. Understanding the dynamic environment of IT parks, Brandland strategically plans and executes displays that showcase automobiles in a way that resonates with the tech-savvy audience.In collaboration with automotive brands, Brandland sets up engaging displays within IT parks, providing a platform for showcasing the latest car and bike models.

Standee Placement in Tech Park

Brandland's Standee Placement service in IT parks is a strategic and effective solution for brands seeking heightened visibility in high-traffic areas. Recognizing the bustling environment of IT parks, where professionals and employees frequent communal spaces, Brandland strategically places standees to maximize brand exposure. These standees, thoughtfully designed with compelling visuals and messaging, serve as dynamic marketing tools that capture the attention of the target audience during their daily routines.By strategically positioning standees in key locations such as entrances, cafeterias, and common areas, Brandland ensures that the brand message is delivered directly to the professionals within the IT park.

Mall activation in India

Brandland's Mall Activation service in India is a dynamic and innovative strategy designed to create engaging brand experiences within the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of shopping malls. Recognizing malls as prime locations for direct consumer interaction, Brandland strategically plans and executes activations that captivate the attention of diverse audiences.Through immersive displays, interactive installations, and experiential zones, Brandland transforms malls into dynamic brand showcases. This service goes beyond traditional advertising, allowing brands to connect with potential customers on a personal level. By strategically choosing high-traffic areas within malls, Brandland ensures optimal visibility and engagement, maximizing the impact of the activation.