The industry which is known for their hard work, smart campaign execution, result orientation & at the same time budget-friendly approach, is our own “Event industry”. But from the last 6 months, the dark cloud of COVID has already taken the luminescence of the event industry. Against all odds, as always we fight back with our innovation. Brandland advertising is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to activation. It has launched an inoculation against coronavirus & is working at its best to help the event industry gain back it’s glamour. The vaccination, as we call it, is ‘EXPO ON WHEELS’. Let’s throw some light on the same.
Basic Expo Concept – A known location, usually Hotels/IT parks/Clubs where event organizers create a platform for exhibitors & visitors to make a deal.
Due to COVID, the public gathering is almost impossible even though the government has announced unlocking, maintaining social distance still remains a necessity, so getting people to the expo venue is going to be challenging and life-threatening for the organizers.

Expo on wheels
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Expo on Wheels

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Solution – EXPO ON WHEELS – one of the unique and viable concepts designed by the Brandland team to counter COVID limitations on marketing.
What is EXPO on WHEELS? – A concept of Co-promotion of brands from the same industry at defined target location & to deliver brand communication at the customer’s doorstep.
Types of Expo on wheels – We have launched the Property version of the expo on wheels with 3 customers on board at a time exclusively for our property client but soon it’s going to be for education, startup, banking & automobile ( 2 wheeler ) too.
What’s so Unique?
Reach – Even as novel coronavirus continues to darken our lives, making it impossible for the marketing industry to physically reach masses, we at Brandland will make sure that our advertising reaches to major residential society areas, clubs, key vantage targeted points, markets, shopping complexes & so on.
Customer is the King –  EXPO on wheels is the only format which can make brand to reach their customer’s place, to make them feel like a king feels by having the product service at their doorstep & hopefully make a deal on the spot too.
Beyond Expo – Traditional Expo usually happens from 2 – 7 days max whereas expo on wheels can continue beyond 30 days.
Branding – As the vehicle will cover more than 50 vantage points, branding isn’t just limited to certain localities. It will reach the masses successfully.
Budget-Friendly – As its part of co-promotion a full complete budget can be shared among the brands without affecting the promotion result.

Greater impact – Expo on wheels is not just about making a sales reach, it’s a complete integrated marketing solution with branding, product demonstration, sales, research & CSR.

Deal making – Deal making is easier when you make an effort to reach you a customer with exclusive discount. So we also have a choice for you:

Expo on wheels is going to be a revolutionary solution at the time of Covid limitation , brands are also eagerly waiting for their ride to go out , so grab the ticket – lets go for ride

We have exclusive marketing strategy to promote expo on wheels which includes digital marketing experts too

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