AAP BUSINESS KAR LO, HUM MARKETING KAR LENGE When you become accustomed to doing something with all your heart, it comes out as naturally as God himself. Brandland has so many success stories today, yours might be the next to be told out loud. Now, some people might be testing positive for coronavirus in such […]

EXPO on Wheels – A BTL Revolution

The industry which is known for their hard work, smart campaign execution, result orientation & at the same time budget-friendly approach, is our own “Event industry”. But from the last 6 months, the dark cloud of COVID has already taken the luminescence of the event industry. Against all odds, as always we fight back with […]

End of Covid 19 Era? Russian vaccine

Covid-19 At present Covid-19 is spreading like a wildfire and creating depredation all around the world. The infection count is rapidly increasing worldwide and most of the countries are struggling to keep the virus in check and prevent their healthcare services from being clogged. The Covid-19 pandemic manifested signs that no one is safe until […]

Can India Afford Extended lockdown?

The debate between lives and livelihood continues while India battles COVID 19 pandemic with an extended lockdown. While the reports from various sources indicate partial ease on this month-long lockdown on May 3rd, the question also remains will the government take this crucial step for the sake of nations falling GDP rate or will give […]