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5 Unique Brand Launches in History of Marketing

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When Starbucks threw itself completely in launching its new product in 2009, nobody thought that it would be receiving the customer support the way it did! Launching a print campaign & inviting over 4 million people(!) through social media platform Facebook to participate in their launch through taste tests.

Via first appeared in Chicago, Seattle, and London stores in the beginning of 2009, and later made its debut across the U.S. and Canada. And within 2 years of its launch, it became the 5th best-selling instant coffee in the U.S.

Spending more on promotions more than any brand ever had in history before 2009, the company went on to buy television ads and created a mini web series as well in an effort to prove that customers will be unable to distinguish between Starbucks’ regulars and Via.

The company has already raised the bar for coffee quality in America; it’s not out of the question that it could do the same for instant coffee, and in the end it did


Absolut, globally introduced in 1979, is a brand of winter wheat vodka produced in Southern Sweden. After Bacardi and Smirnoff, it is the 3rd largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world. Known for its distinctive bottle shape and now being sold in over 126 countries, Absolut Vodka’s fame is due to its long running and outlandish campaigns.

To engage more customers with the launch of its limited-edition vodka ‘UNIQUE’ in Argentina, Absolut went on to throw a launch party via WhatsApp (only!). Releasing a WhatsApp number on their marketing and advertising sites, Absolut made their customers interact with the fictional character- ‘Sven’. The customers were supposed to charm Sven to get themselves on the guest list. An absolutely fun activity, the company mastered in creating a buzz over WhatsApp, cueing all kinds of hilarious messages around the product launch. Creating a WhatsApp success story, Absolut was able to enjoy three days of uninterrupted chat with over 600 contacts, during which more than 1000 images, videos, and audio messages were created. All for the price of a sim card.

It was clear that this appealing and clever marketing campaign was indeed committed to the Argentine community and made it possible to raise awareness while establishing a strong, humanized, and authentic brand.


When Nike asked the runners what they wanted to have in their running shoes, they suggested- long lasting shoes with better cushioning, more energy return and of course, light weightiness. Precisely, they wanted everything! The astounding part was it is impossible to get all these four qualities delivered in a single kind of shoe! Hard materials give more energy return, so if the shoes are lightweight, they cannot be producing more energy! In a significant breakthrough, Nike React Technology with their latest cushioning innovation launched Epic React Flyknit running shoe.

Launched in 2017, for a whole month, the Nike store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago opened a multi-floor pop-up called the House of Go, which included a high-tech treadmill surrounded by three giant screens filled with animated avatars that actually react to  movements. This new technological advance led people to visit the store and experience the test drive the new Nike Product. The experience was totally free if you’re registered at the Nike+ program via their app.

The brilliance of this campaign was that it pulled in numerous customers who would never have considered buying a high-end sneaker otherwise. Attracting customers worldwide, Nike was able to create a euphoric experience for the people to be able to try on the newly launched shoes even if all can’t afford a big budget immersive product. In return, Nike pulled a whole new audience for their next product launch, actively looking for the new changes.


Yes, Stranger Things might not be a “product”, but it’s season 2 launch story is something every marketer should know! How do you attract an audience these days if the certainty of what will happen next is obvious? Skipping the conventional, Netflix’s Stranger Things went on to get nerds as their hardcore fans.

In a shameless campaign in LA and New York, mysterious billboards appeared advertising ‘Hawkins Power & Light’. Now, every diehard fan knows that this is the name of the shadowy corporation, which played an important role in setting the plot, that opened the door to the alternate dimension called ‘The Upside Down’.

So, what the makers did was launch a phone number via those billboards, calling on which one could hear to a call recording that gave clues to the fans about what would happen next season.

Now one might think, why advertise to people who were anyway going to watch the next season? Because every so often, by focusing on a small minority of loyal and passionate viewers, you get them so excited that it causes a ripple effect, creating a buzz, drawing in casual viewers and even those unfamiliar with the show altogether.

Successfully, as the campaign gained momentum, gradually fans feverishly speculated what the recorded call meant over various social platforms, setting a trend. Combined with more mainstream advertising such as a Super Bowl ad and brand partnerships such as the return of New Coke, this proved to be a winning strategy which made Season 2 a huge success.


In 2009, the KFC decided to reinvent their chicken sandwich. So, what did they do? They took away the bun and replaced it with chicken, stuffing bacon and cheese between two boneless white meat chicken filets. And called their new meatiest sandwich creation ever- DOUBLE DOWN. And it simply became the most buzzworthy product in the World’s Largest Chicken Chain’s history!

They created a bun-less sandwich! So, what happened to the buns? They donated the “unneeded” sandwich buns to various food banks around the US to feed the hungry and did some goodwill, which also added to their attained attention.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine actually requested that KFC avoid marketing the sandwich to children and requested that they keep ads for the sandwich from within 500 yards of schools, adding to their publicity. KFC leveraged the buzz around the Double Down to their advantage, creating compelling social media and Internet advertising campaigns. As a result, the brand managed to sell roughly 10 million double downs in the first six weeks. 

Ultimately, when it comes to successfully launching a product, generating attention is key. Even unorthodox attention is sometimes considered good attention & we brandlandian make sure your product / brand launch creates amazing market buzz .

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