School Activation In Bangalore

School Marketing

SCHOOL MARKETING How to Increase School Admission Through BTL Activation Increasing school admissions through Below-the-Line (BTL) activation involves targeted and personalized strategies to connect with prospective students and parents. Here are some effective BTL activation methods Promotional Activities through BTL activities by Brandland In-School Promotions: Conduct promotional activities directly within schools, such as distributing brochures, […]

Outdoor Media Advertising

OUTDOOR MEDIA ADVERTISING Every brand wants to reach as many people as possible. One might put their faith in digital Marketing, of course because it has been the favorite most kind of advertising for companies for so many years due to its fruitfulness. But when talking of small businesses, it is not always possible to […]


WHY SHOULD A COMPANY DO EXHIBITIONS & WHY SHOULD A CUSTOMER VISIT AN EXHIBITION? Brandland In today’s competitive marketing world, apart from providing the best services and innovative products, it is essential to have a fair knowledge of our competitors too. Technology might provide you with the opportunity to check your rival’s website, but exhibition […]


BTL or ATL ADVERTISING? Brandland knows it all.

We are the idea-bearers of VOCAL FOR DIGITAL, we are the believers, we believe in you. BTL or ATL ADVERTISING? Brandland knows it all. First coined in 1954 after Proctor and Gamble separated their marketing strategies between- broad in nature marketing & direct in nature marketing, ATL and BTL marketing sets the line between different […]

The apartnent lift lobbies showing digital screen branding

Apartment Digital Screen Branding

Apartment Digital Screen Branding Do you have a dream of acquiring more customers for your Brand?. Who doesn’t?. But, if you follow the traditional advertising method for your brand awareness you may not achieve your goal easily. Here is an amazing solution for you. i.e  Apartment Digital Screen Branding.   In this blog we will discuss […]

workfromhome rule

Get Ready for New Normal – 10 Tips for Work from Home

Work from home is one of the biggest changes the world has ever witnessed. 94% of people have accepted and starting to embrace this new way of life which is work from home. The Covid pandemic changed everything overnight, the lockdown was enforced, social distancing became a mandatory rule to be followed by everyone. The […]

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A Master Stroke in BTL Activation

Sobha corporate Home Bonanza Sobha Developer one of the Premium Brand in Real estate Industry trusted BrandLand Advertising when its about Marketing Activation , BrandLand Advertising – The No.1 Brand Activation company Lets Look at the most amazing case study on this unique Activation. Brainstorming Its early Morning 11.30 am , oh yes that’s how […]

walk to smack diabetes in real estate marketing

Real estate marketing

Walk to Smack Diabetes – An Unique way of Promotion Nov Month is one of the most important month for any healthcare sector for very common reason which is “ Diabetes Awareness Month “ Nov 14 is world diabetes day celeberated world wide to raise awareness on diabetes & life style management .Many Healthcare organization […]