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Get Ready for New Normal – 10 Tips for Work from Home

Work from home is one of the biggest changes the world has ever witnessed. 94% of people have accepted and starting to embrace this new way of life which is work from home. The Covid pandemic changed everything overnight, the lockdown was enforced, social distancing became a mandatory rule to be followed by everyone. The […]

End of Covid 19 Era? Russian vaccine

Covid-19 At present Covid-19 is spreading like a wildfire and creating depredation all around the world. The infection count is rapidly increasing worldwide and most of the countries are struggling to keep the virus in check and prevent their healthcare services from being clogged. The Covid-19 pandemic manifested signs that no one is safe until […]

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RWA Branding – Only offline Branding Option at Corona Time

The current Corona pandemic has made everyone locked inside their house at the same time marketer & agency also clueless how to reach to target audience apart from digital platform .Outdoor Advertising almost the option doesn’t seems a preferable way for marketer , Electronic media , Radio still can be opt but how many brands […]

Can India Afford Extended lockdown?

The debate between lives and livelihood continues while India battles COVID 19 pandemic with an extended lockdown. While the reports from various sources indicate partial ease on this month-long lockdown on May 3rd, the question also remains will the government take this crucial step for the sake of nations falling GDP rate or will give […]

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A Master Stroke in BTL Activation

Sobha corporate Home Bonanza Sobha Developer one of the Premium Brand in Real estate Industry trusted BrandLand Advertising when its about Marketing Activation , BrandLand Advertising – The No.1 Brand Activation company Lets Look at the most amazing case study on this unique Activation. Brainstorming Its early Morning 11.30 am , oh yes that’s how […]

walk to smack diabetes in real estate marketing

Real estate marketing

Walk to Smack Diabetes – An Unique way of Promotion Nov Month is one of the most important month for any healthcare sector for very common reason which is “ Diabetes Awareness Month “ Nov 14 is world diabetes day celeberated world wide to raise awareness on diabetes & life style management .Many Healthcare organization […]

Marketing Under Budget of Rs 20,000 – BTL Marketing

What i always believe “ marketing is soul of any business “ . Soul never dies body does , there are many business is no more in the market but still we remember their services, brand & a strong presence in our mind. This article will focus on low budget marketing, yet effective .Every business […]